Backslope Brewing Standards


The Pilgrim Blonde

ABV 5% IBU 15

The Pilgrim braved an arduous journey across the Atlantic, through the Great Plains, and over the Great Divide to settle in Columbia Falls. A smooth blonde ale made primarily with European Malt and Hops. An easy introduction to craft beer for the novice, but enough malt body and balance to satisfy seasoned craft beer drinkers.


Crooked Wind IPA

ABV 6.5% IBU 65

Loaded with a healthy amount of kettle hops, and boosted with copious quantities of finishing hops and dry hops. A powerful aroma assaults your nose with hints of citrus and pine on the front end, and a bracing bitterness lingers in your mouth through the strong, clean, finish. A firm malt backbone balances with a blend of several of our favorite American hops to make this India Pale Ale a Columbia Falls favorite.


Dr. Randolph’s All-Day Porter

ABV 5% IBU 20

This beer is brewed in honor and homage of one of Darin’s original brewing compatriots, Dr. Scott Randolph, who always appreciated the balance of a well-crafted Porter. Malty enough to warm the bones on cool fall day, but easy enough on the palate to be an all-day drinker any time of year. With a delicate balance of European hops to counter the rich malts.  Cheers to the Doctor.


Sun Cut Stout

ABV 6% IBU 40

Jet-black, rich, roasty, and buttressed with just enough caramel and wheat malts to make it surprisingly creamy and smooth. A blend of American and European hops balance the strong malt character of this American style stout.

Backslope Brewing Rotators

The Huntsman Scotch Ale

ABV 7% IBU 20

Deep red in color, rich with a hint of peated malt, this robust Scotch style ale is a local favorite, especially as fall turns to winter and we pursue those last elk through knee-deep snow into the high country.  Aged in Glacier Distilling whiskey barrels for a fortifying and flavorful bite.


Beggars Ride Pale Ale

ABV 5.5% IBU 30

A classic American Pale Ale comprised of 2-Row Barley, Caramel Malt, a handful of specialty malts and just enough Cascade and Crystal Hops to bring a smile, but not quite a pucker, to your face. If wishes were horses, beggars would savor craft beer. Or something like that…


Buxom J Ginger Beer

ABV 5% IBU 10

A light malt profile combined with a touch of wheat, Saaz hops, and a hefty dose of freshly grated ginger makes this smooth drinking ale a summer favorite, though it does occasionally make a winter appearance.  Yes, this is beer beer, with alcohol, not for the kids.  Buxom J is a classy lassie, but she will sneak up on you if you’re not mindful.


Sweater Weather Stout

ABV 8% IBU 30

Designed for those cold winter days and long winter nights, this strong stout is brewed with dark molasses for a sweet finish on top of the cacophony of rich specialty malts: Crystal, Chocolate, Black Patent, and Munich.  Barrel aged for up to 4 months in Glacier Distilling whiskey barrels to give a pleasing oak and whiskey tang to balance the sweet finish.


Dancing Mule Imperial IPA

ABV 9% IBU 80

The Dancing Mule has a swift, strong kick.  Overloaded with classic American hops and balanced with a strong malt bill.  Stepping into the ring with a Dancing Mule can be a transformative experience, and we hope this is the closest you come to the real thing.


Palimpsest Program

ABV Varies IBU Varies

Palimpsest is our barrel aging program, where we allow Glacier Distilling whiskey barrels to subtly rewrite already great recipes, imparting new and unique flavors.  Some recipes are designed around barrel aging, such as The Huntsman and Sweater Weather Stout.  Otherwise, we will barrel age barley wines, stouts, IPAs, porters, and whatever else suits our fancy.